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Flowers Wallet

FA Wallet Consist Of

Wallet Cash FA CASH


  • Cash will not get expired
  • Get an instant refund in form of FA Cash
  • Can be clubbed with coupon
  • Redeemable up to 100% with no limits
  • 1 FA Cash = 1 INR
Wallet Reward FA REWARDS


  • Rewards have a expiry date
  • Earn rewards by doing various activities
  • Cannot be clubbed with coupon
  • Can be redeemed by 20% up to 100 INR
  • 1 FA Reward Point = 1 INR

Why FA Wallet?

  • Instant Refund

    Instant Refund

    Can't wait for a refund? Just transfer it to your FlowerAura wallet.

  • Rewards

    Get 10% Rewards

    Each time you order, we credit you with 10% of the value. You can use it on your next order.

  • Awesome Deals

    Awesome Deals

    Stay tuned to enjoy the exclusive deals valid only for FlowerAura wallet users.

How it Works?

  • Login
  • Place Order
  • Get points on wallet
  • Use your points in next order
Offer Banner

10% Extra points in your wallet

Send Gift
*Limited to first 1000 user

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